League of Legends and Other Things

Saw this in a subway station. China is really very into League of Legends. And Defense of the Ancients. And Warcraft. And Warhammer. And World of Warcraft. I bought a magazine that I thought would have an article about DoTA, but it turned out to be a guide, and I don’t play so. I used it to wrap boxes.

Can you identify all four games?

Fun fact: The WoW race Pandaren is made up of the Japanese word for Panda (or the English word, if you happen to be ethnocentric) and the Chinese word for person (ren 人). Here we see that they just translate it directly– 熊猫人, or “panda people”.

Found at Xidan Bookstore.


If your obsession for the Warcraft universe cannot be contained by the games, try reading all the books…

Or learn to play the card game!

I saw the books at Xidan Bookstore, and the cards at 7-11.


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