Beijing Arcade Revisted

Due to some unfortunate misunderstandings, I found myself with some free time last night. I decided to stop by the arcade next to my school again, called “Game City”, or the longer “电玩头等舱”. Because, who doesn’t like going to the arcade on a Tuesday night? Apparently nobody, because the place was actually quite busy.

They also redecorated for the holidays. Their weird Transformers statues are decked out in festive ornaments, and they put a Christmas tree in the entrance.

Happy Holidays, from the Autobots.

Chinese people love basketball. I’m serious. These hoops were getting action all night.

Tonight’s claw machine prizes sucked…

Tuesday night in China.

Basketball, Terminator, and Taiko.

Plants Vs Zombies game. This is another franchise China cannot get enough of; definitely more popular than Angry Birds. I teach 7-10 year olds English, and they can draw most of the characters by memory. Hell, they know how to say “zombie” in English.

I like this game. You get tennis ball-sized balls and you throw them at the screen. Each level has a different theme. My favorite level is the one where you throw the balls at flashers on the subway.

Slot machines. Let’s not even pretend that arcades aren’t casinos for kids.

Fruit Ninja with Kinect.

Here’s that fishing game. All those people just sit around smoking, shooting nets at sharks and fish and stuff. I don’t get it. What do they win?

Close-up of the fishing game. And a built-in ash tray. Incidentally, there are “No Smoking” signs on the wall.

Nice tree.

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