Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings, December 2012

From Weibo:

Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings; No Guangdong University Makes the ListRecently, a “Chinese Universities’ DOTA Ranking” has spread through Weibo. Overall college scores were estimated by taking students’ individual player ladder scores. Wuhan University is first, followed by Peking University and Zhejiang University. Tsinghua University ranked 16th. It’s said a lonely woman wears silk stockings, an empty man plays dota…… What the hell is happening?


The reason they stress that Guangdong university isn’t on the list is because the account that “tweeted” it is Guangzhou Daily.

Fun Fact: Many of China’s “Ivy Leage” schools (called the C9 League) are represented in the rankings. Fudan University is #24,  Beijing University is #2, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is #13, Tsinghua University is #16, Xi’an Jiaotong University is #7, and Zhejiang University is #3.

Original text:

【中国高校DOTA排行榜 广东高校无一上榜】近日,一份中国高校DOTA排行榜在微博流传,通过收集玩家个体天梯积分来预估该玩家所在高校的总体积分。武汉大学第一,其次是北大和浙大,清华排第十六。据说寂寞的女人穿丝袜,空虚的男人玩dota……这肿么回事

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