China Does Handheld Systems

I visited Taobao today to see what the top selling videogames are, since it’s just about the only “source” for that kind of information seeing as console games aren’t officially sold in China. Instead I came across this suspiciously familiar piece of hardware, which is a portable 4GB game/music/video/e-reader/camera/touch screen system with, apparently PS Vita support and a 4.3 inch display. These things will play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG,APE, FLAC, and AAC audio files and AVI, RM, RMVB, FLV, WMV, VOB, SWF, DAT, MP4, 3GP, and MPEG video files. Apparently it also boasts a library of over a thousand Flash, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Color, NES, Super Famicon, and Sega Megadrive drives.

The handhelds are made by the Shenzhen company, UNISCOM, which touts itself as a “professional, high-tech enterprise in the production of digital, audio, and video products.” They also make stereo systems,  pseudo-iPads, pseudo-iPods, digital voice recorders, thumb drives, and flashlights.

The not-PSPs come in models like the T-888, T-893, and the T-896. The differences are primarily aesthetic, although I suspect it also affects the type of files each will read. The T-893 also has UNISCOM engraved on the front cover, whereas the others are either blank or say GAMEPLAYER.

Should you want to fool your children this holiday season with a brand new “PS Vita”, these systems will set you back around $20-$30. I’m serious; they’re that cheap. A real Vita on the same website would run about $238-$335. Hit the break for more pictures.


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