The Chinese Digital Landscape

This infograph from Ninchaneseshows many of the different websites that Chinese web surfers use for various things—from shopping and gaming, to chatting and networking. Remember that China blocks many websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Blogger, for different reasons from censorship, patriotic protectionism, or because these companies refuse to cooperate with the Chinese government. Google, which isn’t totally blocked, is significantly slowed down in China, prompting people to opt for the Chinese equivalent, Baidu, or Yahoo.

This chart isn’t comprehensive—it puts Douban under social networking, although it also works as a media Wiki (with information on movies, TV shows, and books). Additionally, though QQ is listed under a number of categories, it could also go under social networking.

Additionally, it doesn’t take into account mobile apps or companies. For instance, the app Path is popular in China for photo sharing or life stream.

It is a very good visual reference for some of the most popular websites in China, though, especially for Chinese-language or culture students looking for resources to study the language or society. Don’t forget, though, many of these websites require proof of citizenship/residence (through Chinese ID number or phone number) for registration, e.g. Weibo and Taobao.

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