Happy Valentine’s Day! Mobile Games For Two

May 20th is Valentine’s Day in China, so in celebration, here are a few mobile games, courtesy of some Chinese bloggers, that you can play with your sweetheart; or if you’re single and don’t know how to express your feelings to your crush, inviting them to play these games will help you get over your embarrassment.

Find Something—where is my goal! (找你妹) (English iOS, English Android)

An iSpy-type game, you’re given items to find and a timer, and must find the items before time runs out, avoiding dangerous items and having to look past different obstructions like smoke. Ask your crush to help you play, or challenge them in multiplayer mode.

QFight (Q宠大乐斗) (Chinese iOS)

Turn yourself into a martial arts master, fight enemies, collect weapons and skills, form a party and work together, battle each other, and even get married in-game.

Where’s my Water? (鳄鱼小顽皮爱洗澡) (English iOS, English Android)

A fun physics-based puzzle game, the Chinese version has special Valentine’s Day challenges and items which incorporate “factors of love,” such as a heart of stone to repair broken hearts, “air of love”, and others, which allow one or two people to play.

Science Vs Magic (科魔大战) (English iOS)

Play with your friend or lover on the same device, competing in battles, puzzles, strategy, and platforming.

Fingle (English iOS)

According to the App Store description, “Explore the intimate touch of each others fingers with Fingle’s two-player puzzles. Break the ice or engage friends to get awkwardly close. Two players drag up to five buttons of one color onto their matching targets; their movement makes it impossible to avoid contact, creating intimate moments with intertwined hands.”

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