Gamers of China

According to, the most popular website for gaming news, information, and communication, the following pictures are what they consider top examples of “true, high quality gamers”. Some are, truly, examples of real dedication; others are simply facetious; while others still are just attractive women at a computer. The full gallery can be found here, though I’ve picked ones that I could identify as taking place in China and which actually show someone caught in the act of gaming. Some, like the community online gaming classes and the woman with the baby, are from other sources.

warcraft in classroom 

This looks to be a high school classroom. What is likely happening is that, during a break, a student plugged his or her computer into the projector to play a match.

cup therapy gaming 

Potentially suffering from some kind of ailment, this creative player undergoes some DIY cupping therapy  while running some dungeons.


Internet cafe

 This is an Internet cafe. It’s not really an unusual site to see Internet cafes like this on college campuses or in residential areas, for people who don’t have Internet access at home. They probably don’t have more than 5 computers, but you can bet they probably have World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, and probably League of Legends and/or Defense of the Ancients installed.

Some of us can only dream of having friends as courteous as this.

I don’t know the context of this picture, but it is often used in slideshows of students gaming. These are probably middle-school students at an Internet cafe.

Some dangerous creativity.

Women's online gaming club

Many communities offer online game “classes”. This looks like one for women, or perhaps women with disabilities (many of them appear to have wheelchairs); there are also some for the elderly. 

Retired citizens WoW club

The desk of an average girl in her teens/early 20s.

And you think you can multi-task?

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