League of Legends Chinese College Participation

The League of Legends Chinese website provides a cool interactive map that shows you how many students and schools participate in the nation-wide ranking system. The number shown gradually rises as more “campus ambassadors” register themselves, and you check the current rankings, as well as how your own school is doing. Here is what the map looks like, with my translation added:

League of Legends Map
Click to view larger image.

The school ranking table allows you to organize by accumulated points, popularity, and highest individual points. For some reason, schools with only one ambassador (such as the PLA Academy of Military Transportation, Guangzhou Naval Academy, or Shanghai First Medical College) top the list for highest individual points. For instance, the PLA Academy has accumulated points of 10124, and their highest ranked player is Legendary丶Tony with 10123 points. They also top the list for highest accumulated points, while Tsinghua University (with 346368 ambassadors) is only in fifth place with 9732 accumulated points. Their top player, 凯鲁姆鲁西利 (Kai lu mu lu xi li), has 6268 points. Tsinghua is also the school with the most ambassadors– second place goes to Beijing University with 69620, about 276748 fewer players than Tsinghua

In total, there are 19,494 participating schools at present.

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