China’s Royal Club Wins in Semi-Finals, Star in Playful Documentary

Today, China’s Royal Club faced Europe’s Fnatic in the semi-finals of the League of Legends 2013 World Championships. In a best of five, Royal Club won three games against Fnatic’s 1, meaning that next weekend they’re going against South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 to compete for $2,000,000. You can read the full recap of the game against Fnatic here.

For the first bracket of the World Championship, Royal Club faced homeland rivals OMG, whom they defeated 2-0.

Royal Club Huang Zu (Royal Club 皇族; their full name) was established in May 2012 and consists of the following members: GoDlike in top lane, Lucky in jungle, Wh1t3zZ (from Hong Kong) in mid, uzi (who happens to only be 16 years old) in ADC, and Tabe (from Hong Kong) in support. Tabe says he plans to use the money he makes from winning to propose to his girlfriend.

Lucky has a Weibo blog where he posted a 10-minute “documentary” about their life so far in the United States:

In it, we see their departure from Shanghai on September 15th and their arrival in Los Angeles, followed by “Teammate life in Los Angeles” (00:58). “Teammate life” appears to made up primarily of fast food buffet, vending machines, and Wh1t3zZ holding his girlfriend’s purse at the mall (I also suspect she’s the camera operator; though alternatively, he just likes purses and I’m making an assumption). This segment is followed by “Los Angeles Teammates Tense Training” (2:04), where we see Royal Club playing League games together in a small room. They also watch matches that their foreign competitors have played (2:37), causing some crowding in the room and hallway and an awkward encounter with a hotel employee trying to get past with a catering cart. The girl with the camera begins interviewing each player at 3:34 as the “state of affairs the day before the tournament”, while some players play, read through Naruto forums, or eat.

Not very flattering.

During the game with OMG (4:55) they capture Wh1t3zZ’s reaction to winning, wherein he jumps from his chair and falls to the floor as he tries to sit down again. His second win reaction is more restrained, despite it being the semi-final win.

In “Feelings After Advancing to Semi-finals” (5:57), White says that it wasn’t an easy win and they had to talk a lot to coordinate, but that he was very very happy. Godlike, on the other hand, refused to comment. Uzi said he was very happy, because they succeeded in their match and everyone had been very nervous.

The rest of the video has each member of the team talking about the other members (including calling Tabe very tall and handsome) and themselves.

At 10:23, TSM’s Reginald interrupts White and Lucky playing on their PSPs; they’re both more interested in their PSPs.

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