Royal Club Loses to South Korea Telecom T1

Although Royal Club lost to South Korea Telecom T1 last night in the League of Legends World Championship Finals, Chinese media has remained positive about their performance. The League of Legends Weibo blog wrote, “China and South Korea fought for the eSports world title; though regrettably the Chinese team failed again, they will hone their skills and fight again in S4!”

Chinese web users, however, showed less pride for Royal Club, writing, “Watching the second match I knew there was no hope for a comeback. When you make so many mistakes during a team fight, how can you win?” In a Reddit AMA, Royal Club’s Pak-Kan “Tabe” Wong (of Hong Kong) agreed with this assessment, stating that the reason he believed they lost to SKT T1 was, “We disrespected the Jax pick and we’re just outplayed by mechanics, IQ, and team coordination.” Since they lost their best of 5 game to SKT 0-3, Weibo, user 白巧克力硬糖asked Royal Club, “Three-nil, don’t you want to delete the game?”

Despite winning against their rivals OMG 2-0 in the quarterfinals, some users wrote, “They’re nothing compared to OMG. I prefer OMG’s style of play.” Another argued that OMG would have fared better because, “OMG is more familiar with the Korean style of play.”

I look forward to Season 4, and hope another Chinese team makes an appearance at the World Championship! Tabe, who played support for Royal Club, will be retiring and has stated about his S4 plans that, “I don’t wanna keep playing in China. I will be a coach and do my casting thing to earn a living. But i love the experience in LA, i would love to come to work! I hope i have a chance:)”

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