League of Legends Allows Chinese Players to Feel At Home

It seems China also picked up on the news on Riot’s “Lunar Revel” skins for their game, League of Legends. I reported on it in my last post, but I like what Tencent Games has to say about it,

The rich romanticism that flavors myths and legends in Chinese culture make it highly praiseworthy and cause some of the chuanqi characters to walk out into the global stage and into the line of vision of the world’s gamers. League of Legends (abbreviated LOL), developed by America’s Riot Games and operated by Tencent Games, is celebrating China’s New Year of the horse by recently introducing elements of familiar myths/legends and the year of the horse to LOL. From now until February 15th, rare character skins like Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere, Lunar Goddess Diana, and Mulan* Riven and the approaching year of the horse, all full of Chinese flavor, will allow players to feel at home.

The article continues on the describe the champions and report on the past Lunar Revels. It also states that reports have said users will be able to participate in activities to receive a horse avatar, as they were able to for the Christmas and Halloween events. This puts to rest my hope that the horse theme would manifest in a Hecarim skin…

*The English name is Dragonblade Riven.

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