Some MMO Babe Déjà vu

Well, this is interesting. Originally, I was going to do a write-up of this article from Games.QQ, titled “Clothed Can Be Cute Too! The Top MMO Super Babes” which was published today (July 17th in China). However, when looking up a similar Western list to compare it to, I came across this list by MMOGames that was published last month on June 26th. They’re exactly the same list– the same women in the same order, using the same pictures, even the same descriptions and titles. It’s a direct translation.

Apparently, China doesn’t only produce unofficial Chinese translations of video games– they also produce unofficial Chinese translations of video game journalism. There is no link to the original story, only a link to Gaming Online (another Chinese news site), and no mention of the original author (BroadcastDinosaur).

Granted, I do somewhat of the same thing: find popular articles in Chinese and then translate them, but at least I say what I’m doing and post the source. I’ll have to be more careful in the future, that I’m not translating something that already exists in English! Anyway, it’s nice to know that both China and the West agree that Shae Vizla of Star Wars: The Old Republic is the hottest MMO babe.


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