China’s NewBee Wins the International Dota 2 Championship

Sixteen of the top Dota teams competed this past weekend in the fourth International Dota 2 Championship in Seattle, with Chinese team NewBee bringing home a grand prize of $5,028,308 USD. They defeated another Chinese team, Vici Gaming, three games to one in the best-of-five final round.

China also won the International in 2012 with Invictus Gaming, but teams from Sweden and the Ukraine have been neck and neck with China until this year when countrymen faced off against countrymen.

On Weibo, user 银海螺头 wrote, “Americans are ignorant: they don’t call themselves NewBee (as in newbie)! Chinese Team Newbee is a transliteration, in fact it means fucking awesome (牛逼 niúbī; literally “cow pussy”)!” Another user wrote, “Foreigners finally know how to read niúbī.” Others expected that most of the prize money would likely go to the club owners, taxes, and administration, meaning the players would see very little of their winnings.

It was the first time ESPN carried the Dota 2 Championships on its network. You could watch the tournament on the ESPN3 streaming channel, and a finals preview aired on ESPN2. Weibo user 雅痞的狐太郎 hoped that since ESPN had broadcasts , CCTV5 might follow suit soon, if only for the finals.

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