Team LMQ: From China to the North American LCS to the World Championship

LMQ is a competitive League of Legends eSports team (a sister team to Royal Club) that moved from China to the US in December to play in US sanctioned tournaments. They secured a spot in the League Championship Series by going undefeated in the Challenger Series and finishing the Challenger playoffs 5-2. They then went on to win second place in the NA LCS Summer Regular Season, and third place in the NA LCS Summer Playoffs, securing a place at the World Championship in September alongside American teams Cloud 9 and Team SoloMid.

It’s somewhat common for Western teams to play in Asian competitions (in South Korea, usually) because it’s an opportunity for them to learn from some of the best, more competitive teams and assess teams they might face in world championships. It’s very rare for an Asian team to move to the West for competition, primarily because of financial issues and the difficulty with moving abroad (such as obtaining visas and sponsorships), but also likely because they’re somewhat sacrificing their fan base in their home country.

I’m not sure what their motivation for moving was, perhaps they felt they would be more successful in North America– which they have been; it would be interesting to find out.

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