PlayStation Release Date Postponed

Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Co Ltd announced today that the original Chinese Mainland release date for Sony’s consoles, accessories, and software will be postponed from its original January 11, 2015 release date due to “various reasons“.

The official message goes on to read, “We sincerely thank all the players who have supported and encouraged us, and we look forward to our continued journey together!”

Users online have speculated that the PS4 postponement might have something to do with a complaint received by Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau official Liu Ruizhe and posted by him on Baidu on December 31 which read:

PlayStation 4 (referred to as PS4) is expected to  release in January 2015 as reported by major media outlets. It can run a variety games from other countries that have not been audited by the Chinese Cultural Bureau, including Grand Theft Auto V which advocates drugs, violence, crime, killings, promiscuity, and other details of the game, seriously affecting the construction of Chinese culture. I strongly urge a block of this kind of behavior that shows contempt for China’s law by Sony China.

Sony and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group set up a joint venture back in May 2014, after consoles in China were legalized, to make and market Sony’s PlayStation game console in China.

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