Black Desert MMO Set For Release in China

China is looking forward to the release of Korean sandbox MMO Black Desert. It was released in 2014 in Korea, 2015 in Japan and Russia, and 2016 in North America and Europe. Although it has not been officially announced for release in China, a Chinese website for the game has gone live, indicating a release will be coming soon.

Youxi Down writes that the official Chinese website is online and players can register for an open beta, ask to receive more information, and enter to win prizes by putting in their phone numbers. According to the website, the Chinese publisher will be Snail Games (蜗牛游戏), a low-profile Chinese domestic gaming company who has released games like Taichi Panda, Voyage Century Online, Age of Wushu, and others. also noticed the game on Steam, leading to speculation that users would be able to play with foreigners on global servers. The page is still not available for Chinese players, though (because the game has not been released here yet), and a change in gift policies, where you cannot trade gifts across regions, is leaving players skeptical that international cross-play will be possible.

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