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Are you passionate about writing and video games? Are you looking for an opportunity to combine those passions and write meaningful, interesting stories that bridges the gap between East and West gaming communities? Then consider joining us at Youxi Story! We’re an organization dedicated to video games in China– esports, the community, the politics, the industry, and, most importantly, the games.


There are a few roles you can choose to fill at Youxi Story according to your strengths and interests.

  1. Translator:
  2. Researcher:
    • Choose a topic you’re interested in and find relevant articles (from news sources, academic journals, forums, social media, etc), conduct interviews, go out in the field, and write an article that synthesizes your sources and puts them into context.
    • Look through other English-language sources for stories our audience might be interested in and write a summary, bringing in additional sources if you can find them, and linking back to the original.
    • Examples of this kind of work:
  3. Esports Analyst:
    • Report on esports matches and tournaments, giving numbers and statistics in addition to relevant play-by-plays and player contributions. You could do a weekly breakdown of that week’s games, or a tournament as a whole. You could also do professional player profiles, team profiles, and op-eds on your opinion regarding the scene. There’s official English-language coverage for Overwatch and League of Legends, but you can likely find unofficial coverage for games like DOTA, Starcraft, CS, and competitive mobile games like Kings of Glory, or you can use Chinese-language coverage if you have the ability.
    • Examples of this kind of work:


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong and proven interest in the gaming industry and its communities.
  • Ability to research topics and create unique content.
  • Understand the kind of topics that would be interesting to a Western gaming audience, or how you can make a potentially uninteresting topic relevant to them.


  • Chinese to English translation experience
  • Video editing experience
  • Experience with social media strategy and content management systems


Please send a resume and two writing samples to youxi.story at You don’t need to write an official cover letter, but write a short note in the email text that explains what your primary interests are with regards to coverage (would you like to write about esports, the community, the domestic game industry, etc), your favorite video games, and why you think you’d be a good fit for Youxi Story.

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