Chinese Political Cartoon Shows an Impotent Kim Jung-Un

A political cartoon by artist Johnny Won, posted to his Sina Weibo page, shows Kim Jung-Un having intercourse with a woman and saying, "I fired! I don't know why there was no ejection." His partner responds, "This is a question you should ask doctor Cui Chenghao." Cui Chenghao is the name of a very popular... Continue Reading →

International Comic and Animation Convention, Beijing 2012

ICAC is China's response to Comic Con-- an exhibition for classic comics, upcoming films, cosplay, anime, independent artists, table-top and video games, and other things the common nerd might be interested in. But ICAC is not Comic Con. ┬áThere is a distinct lack of life-size movie monsters, bad cosplayers, huge video game booths (or huge... Continue Reading →

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