Games Fusion 2018: Beijing Game Festival

Beijing hosted video game festival Games Fusion by GameCores this past weekend, May 5-6, at the Etrong International Exhibition Convention Center. For two days, you could get your fill of new, unreleased, indie, retro, and board games while earning points for your team and winning free merch. Red vs. Blue scoreboard When you bought your... Continue Reading →

ChinaJoy 2016: The Future of VR and Mobile Gaming

ChinaJoy is like the E3 of China, the Tokyo Game Show of Shanghai. It features nearly every company with a finger in the video game pie, whether it be mobile, console, or computer; both hardware and software. There are booths for motherboards, PC case mods, headphones, and keyboard; stages set for League of Legends, CounterStrike,... Continue Reading →

International Comic and Animation Convention, Beijing 2012

ICAC is China's response to Comic Con-- an exhibition for classic comics, upcoming films, cosplay, anime, independent artists, table-top and video games, and other things the common nerd might be interested in. But ICAC is not Comic Con.  There is a distinct lack of life-size movie monsters, bad cosplayers, huge video game booths (or huge... Continue Reading →

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