Retrospective: Dota 2 Shanghai Major

The problems that came up during the Dota 2 Shanghai Major are best summarized by Weibo user 国际部歌王_Storm: Game delays, equipment failure. The orchestra under suspicion of being fake, and now it’s coming out that teams’ personal equipment was pulled out of their rooms for cleaning. The most upsetting thing is that all the Chinese... Continue Reading →

China’s NewBee Wins the International Dota 2 Championship

Sixteen of the top Dota teams competed this past weekend in the fourth International Dota 2 Championship in Seattle, with Chinese team NewBee bringing home a grand prize of $5,028,308 USD. They defeated another Chinese team, Vici Gaming, three games to one in the best-of-five final round. China also won the International in 2012 with... Continue Reading →

Top Competitive Games

From a post titled "Gaming Frenzy Strikes Again: Examination of Popular Competitive Games" With the emergence of China’s dream team, LOL has become representative of this generation’s competitive gaming scene. When LOL was being considered to become an Olympic event, it sparked heated debates and brought competitive gaming forward to a new level. Now, with... Continue Reading →

Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings, May 2013

New rankings for Chinese universities shows that Wuhan University, Beijing University, and Zhejiang University continue to dominate the scene, as they've taken first, second, and third respectively-- the same rankings they had back in December. Here are this month's Top 15, along with their positions from December, and whether or not they're a part of... Continue Reading →

Web Survey on Gaming Platform Use Shows PC Most Popular

An informal survey on the Weibo "Video Game Bar" page asked users what kind of gamer they are. What kind of gamer are you? PC single player? Web gamer? Cell phone gamer? Or 3DS or PSV player? WiiU or Xbox360? PS3? Could it be that you have all the consoles? Play everything? Come come come,... Continue Reading →

From Weibo: The Ideal Boyfriend

Here is a Weibo exchange I found quite amusing: The original blog is from 冷笑话精选 who writes:   On this planet, any boy that doesn't play DOTA, doesn't play WOW, doesn't play LOL, doesn't smoke, he is definitely a rare treasure!! Girls, don't miss out!!!! 胡晔子stella responds with: If a guy doesn't play DOTA, doesn't play... Continue Reading →

Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings, December 2012

From Weibo: Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings; No Guangdong University Makes the ListRecently, a “Chinese Universities’ DOTA Ranking” has spread through Weibo. Overall college scores were estimated by taking students’ individual player ladder scores. Wuhan University is first, followed by Peking University and Zhejiang University. Tsinghua University ranked 16th. It’s said a lonely woman wears silk... Continue Reading →

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