Black Desert MMO Set For Release in China

China is looking forward to the release of Korean sandbox MMO Black Desert. It was released in 2014 in Korea, 2015 in Japan and Russia, and 2016 in North America and Europe. Although it has not been officially announced for release in China, a Chinese website for the game has gone live, indicating a release... Continue Reading →

Some MMO Babe Déjà vu

Well, this is interesting. Originally, I was going to do a write-up of this article from Games.QQ, titled "Clothed Can Be Cute Too! The Top MMO Super Babes" which was published today (July 17th in China). However, when looking up a similar Western list to compare it to, I came across this list by MMOGames... Continue Reading →

Gamers of China

According to, the most popular website for gaming news, information, and communication, the following pictures are what they consider top examples of "true, high quality gamers". Some are, truly, examples of real dedication; others are simply facetious; while others still are just attractive women at a computer. The full gallery can be found here,... Continue Reading →

The Decline of the Domestic Game? China-Made Classics Go Online

Some people believe that China’s single-player domestic market is being ruined by the growing influence of online games. However this is not the case; instead, domestic games are riding this “wave” of networkization. Here are a few examples of popular and "classic" Chinese-made game franchises that have already been adapted for the online market. JX... Continue Reading →

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