Silver Medalist Han Tianyu Loves Online Games

With over 67 million people playing League of Legends worldwide per month, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some Olympic athletes competing in Sochi rank it among one of their favorite hobbies. Han Tianyu, who placed silver in this year’s 1500m speed skating competition in Sochi and won China their first medal of the... Continue Reading →


Good luck to Royal Club 皇族 tonight, as they represent China and face South Korea's SKTT1 in the League of Legends World Championship finals! Don't forget to watch them tonight at 8pm PDT over at! You can also check out the League website to learn more about the players. 加油!

Heroes of Order and Chaos

This screenshot, posted to Reddit's gaming board, is taken from the iOS MOBA (multi-player online battle arena; eg: League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients) game Heroes of Order and Chaos. This reflects what gamers in China have been struggling with for some time now-- basically that they are not a part of the... Continue Reading →

Gamers of China

According to, the most popular website for gaming news, information, and communication, the following pictures are what they consider top examples of "true, high quality gamers". Some are, truly, examples of real dedication; others are simply facetious; while others still are just attractive women at a computer. The full gallery can be found here,... Continue Reading →

The Decline of the Domestic Game? China-Made Classics Go Online

Some people believe that China’s single-player domestic market is being ruined by the growing influence of online games. However this is not the case; instead, domestic games are riding this “wave” of networkization. Here are a few examples of popular and "classic" Chinese-made game franchises that have already been adapted for the online market. JX... Continue Reading →

Tencent Releases Q1 Earnings Report

Tencent Holdings Limited, also known as simply Tencent, is the third largest Internet company in the world, behind Google and Amazon, and according to its Q1 2013 earnings report, it continues to grow. Released earlier today, the report announces a net profit of 4.07 billion RMB ($694.4 million USD), an increase of 17.3% compared with... Continue Reading →

Top Competitive Games

From a post titled "Gaming Frenzy Strikes Again: Examination of Popular Competitive Games" With the emergence of China’s dream team, LOL has become representative of this generation’s competitive gaming scene. When LOL was being considered to become an Olympic event, it sparked heated debates and brought competitive gaming forward to a new level. Now, with... Continue Reading →

April 2013 List of Top Games Played in Internet Cafes

QQ just published a list of the top one-hundred games played in Chinese Internet cafes for the month of April. I’ve condensed the list to the top fifteen, but you can view the full list here. Included with the titles are the position changes from March and the game’s genre. 4 of the 15 are... Continue Reading →

The Chinese Digital Landscape

This infograph from Ninchaneseshows many of the different websites that Chinese web surfers use for various things—from shopping and gaming, to chatting and networking. Remember that China blocks many websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Blogger, for different reasons from censorship, patriotic protectionism, or because these companies refuse to cooperate with the Chinese government.... Continue Reading →

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