Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings, May 2013

New rankings for Chinese universities shows that Wuhan University, Beijing University, and Zhejiang University continue to dominate the scene, as they've taken first, second, and third respectively-- the same rankings they had back in December. Here are this month's Top 15, along with their positions from December, and whether or not they're a part of... Continue Reading →

Re-Emerging Popularity of Chinese Esports, Experts Advise Reasonable Guidance

Wuhan will be hosting the University Esports League, and has gained the approval of the Hubei Province Department of Sports.  This news has Zhao Dawei of Harbin excited. Zhao has been involved in organizing gaming competitions for five years, and was previously a very experienced player. In addition to undertaking responsibilities for the games of... Continue Reading →

Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings, December 2012

From Weibo: Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings; No Guangdong University Makes the ListRecently, a “Chinese Universities’ DOTA Ranking” has spread through Weibo. Overall college scores were estimated by taking students’ individual player ladder scores. Wuhan University is first, followed by Peking University and Zhejiang University. Tsinghua University ranked 16th. It’s said a lonely woman wears silk... Continue Reading →

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