Re-Emerging Popularity of Chinese Esports, Experts Advise Reasonable Guidance

Wuhan will be hosting the University Esports League, and has gained the approval of the Hubei Province Department of Sports.  This news has Zhao Dawei of Harbin excited. Zhao has been involved in organizing gaming competitions for five years, and was previously a very experienced player. In addition to undertaking responsibilities for the games of... Continue Reading →

China’s Top Five Game Franchises of this Generation

QQ has compiled a list of the top five games/franchises of this generation (specifically, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, as well as PC games made in the same period). With all this talk about the Xbox Infinity and PS4, they decided to make a list of the best that the Seventh Generation, now in its... Continue Reading →

Top 20 Classic Games That Deserve to be Remade

Plenty of games these days get HD remakes, like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus which got ported from the PS2 to the PS3, or the catastrophic failure that was the Silent Hill Collection. But China doesn’t think this is enough, with a writer at QQ Games stating: All they really do is clear up... Continue Reading →

Web Survey on Gaming Platform Use Shows PC Most Popular

An informal survey on the Weibo "Video Game Bar" page asked users what kind of gamer they are. What kind of gamer are you? PC single player? Web gamer? Cell phone gamer? Or 3DS or PSV player? WiiU or Xbox360? PS3? Could it be that you have all the consoles? Play everything? Come come come,... Continue Reading →

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Chinese Release

The new expansion to Starcraft II, Blizzard's wildly popular real-time strategy game, has a release date set for March 12. Heart of the Swarm (HOTS) will add new units and multiplayer changes, and is part 2 of the Starcraft II expansion trilogy (the first being Wings of Liberty). The release date for mainland China hasn't... Continue Reading →

PlanetSide 2: Vote for your Faction

The9 has launched a bit of an interesting PR campaign for their newest acquisition, PlanetSide 2. The9 is one of China's top online game operators and developers, previously responsible for World of Warcraft's presence in China. PlanetSide 2 is Sony Online Entertainment's free to play MMOFPS, released in the US last November. The way the... Continue Reading →

From Weibo: The Ideal Boyfriend

Here is a Weibo exchange I found quite amusing: The original blog is from 冷笑话精选 who writes:   On this planet, any boy that doesn't play DOTA, doesn't play WOW, doesn't play LOL, doesn't smoke, he is definitely a rare treasure!! Girls, don't miss out!!!! 胡晔子stella responds with: If a guy doesn't play DOTA, doesn't play... Continue Reading →

Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings, December 2012

From Weibo: Chinese Universities’ DOTA Rankings; No Guangdong University Makes the ListRecently, a “Chinese Universities’ DOTA Ranking” has spread through Weibo. Overall college scores were estimated by taking students’ individual player ladder scores. Wuhan University is first, followed by Peking University and Zhejiang University. Tsinghua University ranked 16th. It’s said a lonely woman wears silk... Continue Reading →

Ultra Console Game #287

Ultra Console Game is the name of one of the only gaming magazines available in China. Its Chinese name is 游戏机 实用技术or Game Console Practical Skills. In English they call themselves Ultra Console Game, or UCG for short. This particular issue is a back-issue from December 2011. The cover is a picture of Assassin’s Creed... Continue Reading →

Rift to be Released in China via Shanda

We all know about the relationship between China and World of Warcraft-- it is at once obsessive and turbulent-- but Trion CEO Lars Buttler still smells profit in the distant land of the Middle Kingdom. Buttler announced today that his company’s MMO Rift will be establishing a foothold in China via Chinese online gaming operator... Continue Reading →

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