Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China Gameplay

This installation in the Assassin's Creed franchise will take take players to China in 1526 during the collapse of the Ming Dinasty. The last member of the Chinese Brotherhood, Shao Jun, returns to her hometown on a journey for revenge against the Templars in a 2.5D adventure. It is one of three games in the... Continue Reading →

PS4 Postponement Due to Region Locking Issue

On January 8th, Sony announced that the Chinese release of its console and games, originally set for January 11th, would be postponed. The official message said it was due to "various reasons," but gave no specifics. When pressed by Chinese media to list specific reasons, Sony officials gave no comment, saying only to the Wall... Continue Reading →

PlayStation Release Date Postponed

Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Co Ltd announced today that the original Chinese Mainland release date for Sony's consoles, accessories, and software will be postponed from its original January 11, 2015 release date due to "various reasons". The official message goes on to read, "We sincerely thank all the players who... Continue Reading →

PS4 and Xbox One: Chinese Gamers Follow the Massacre

The execution-style murder of the Xbox One by Sony's E3 press conference hasn't escaped the notice of the Chinese bloggers. Games.QQ reported on the audience reaction at Sony's conference, noting that after announcing that the PS4 will not impose any new restrictions on use, Jack Tretton (president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America)... Continue Reading →

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