Chinese Hearthstone Players Were Not Told Tournament Format in Advance

The Hearthstone Championship Tour Spring 2017 tournament took place this weekend in Shanghai. Sixteen players from around the world competed over three days to win first place and $60,000. Four of those players were from China—Dogggg, JasonZhou, Trunks, and xHope. All but Trunks went 0-2, and Trunks fared only marginally better with 1-2. None of... Continue Reading →

Table-top and TCG

If you're into nerdy pursuits outside of vidya, there's always Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, and even Battlestar Galactica! Magic cards at 7-11. 23 yuan is about $3.71 I can't even imagine how this game is played. Found at Xidan Book Store.

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