Less Clothes, More Cute: Objectification of Female Streamers

In the past couple months, video game streamers have been the focus of some concern. As a result of the rise in streaming video platforms (such as twitch.tv), and a trend of hyper-competition, the worth of many professional streamers has soared so that annual salaries of a million or tens of millions of RMB isn't... Continue Reading →

Vice and Video Games

Guys paying girls to play video games with them isn't a totally new idea (see: GameCrush). The idea is, you pay a girl or an intermediary company a certain amount and in return you get a girl to play video games with you (usually an online game), including full text/voice chat. In China, this service... Continue Reading →

PS4 Postponement Due to Region Locking Issue

On January 8th, Sony announced that the Chinese release of its console and games, originally set for January 11th, would be postponed. The official message said it was due to "various reasons," but gave no specifics. When pressed by Chinese media to list specific reasons, Sony officials gave no comment, saying only to the Wall... Continue Reading →

Silver Medalist Han Tianyu Loves Online Games

With over 67 million people playing League of Legends worldwide per month, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some Olympic athletes competing in Sochi rank it among one of their favorite hobbies. Han Tianyu, who placed silver in this year’s 1500m speed skating competition in Sochi and won China their first medal of the... Continue Reading →

League of Legends Voted Top Game of 2013, Announces Lunar Festival Themed Event

A few days ago, Tencent published a list of the top games of 2013. League of Legends placed first in the Hall of Honor, the award given to the overall most popular game. In second place was domestic MMORPG Fantasy Westward Journey (梦 幻西游). In order to earn a spot in the Hall of Honor,... Continue Reading →

The Chinese Digital Landscape

This infograph from Ninchaneseshows many of the different websites that Chinese web surfers use for various things—from shopping and gaming, to chatting and networking. Remember that China blocks many websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Blogger, for different reasons from censorship, patriotic protectionism, or because these companies refuse to cooperate with the Chinese government.... Continue Reading →

Re-Emerging Popularity of Chinese Esports, Experts Advise Reasonable Guidance

Wuhan will be hosting the University Esports League, and has gained the approval of the Hubei Province Department of Sports.  This news has Zhao Dawei of Harbin excited. Zhao has been involved in organizing gaming competitions for five years, and was previously a very experienced player. In addition to undertaking responsibilities for the games of... Continue Reading →

Chinese Online Game User Behavioral Research Report 2012, Pt. 2

The 2012 Chinese Online Game User Behavioral Research Report, conducted by 17173.com (a popular gaming news website) and Enfodesk Analasys, is a comprehensive study on the behavior, preferences, and complaints of online video game users. In part one of the report, which you can view here, they reported on the average age and education level... Continue Reading →

Chinese Online Game User Behavioral Research Report 2012, Pt. 1

A new report on the behavior of online gamers by 17173.com (a popular gaming news website) and Enfodesk Analasys shows that 19 to 25-year-old players accounted for 55% of the online gaming population, whereas players older than 26 make up 35.7%. Predictably, 73% were male compared to 27% female. Last year, males made up 67.8%... Continue Reading →

April’s Three Extremes

Three... Extremes is a horror film collaboration that puts together three segments by three directors from three countries: China, South Korea, and Japan. The following three extremes, however, are all Chinese/Taiwanese, all related to video game dedication, and no less horrific. Man Slams Baby to the Ground because His Wife Won’t Let Him Use the... Continue Reading →

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