Ubisoft Wins E3 in China

E3 isn’t an especially popular expo in China for a variety of reasons, in particular because it’s essentially a trade show of games Chinese gamers will never get the opportunity to play. China has its own electronics and gaming expo in the form of ChinaJoy in Shanghai, which includes booths from not only the likes... Continue Reading →

Content/Censorship Guidelines for Game Developers

Game developers have a lot to keep in mind as they create their new IPs. Character design, maps, names, music, coding, troubleshooting, among countless other duties-- what looks good to us, what will our players like, and most importantly, for Chinese developers, what will the government permit. According to a 2010 PPT (still in use as... Continue Reading →

League of Legends Chinese College Participation

The League of Legends Chinese website provides a cool interactive map that shows you how many students and schools participate in the nation-wide ranking system. The number shown gradually rises as more "campus ambassadors" register themselves, and you check the current rankings, as well as how your own school is doing. Here is what the... Continue Reading →

Tencent Releases Q1 Earnings Report

Tencent Holdings Limited, also known as simply Tencent, is the third largest Internet company in the world, behind Google and Amazon, and according to its Q1 2013 earnings report, it continues to grow. Released earlier today, the report announces a net profit of 4.07 billion RMB ($694.4 million USD), an increase of 17.3% compared with... Continue Reading →

Chinese Online Game User Behavioral Research Report 2012, Pt. 2

The 2012 Chinese Online Game User Behavioral Research Report, conducted by 17173.com (a popular gaming news website) and Enfodesk Analasys, is a comprehensive study on the behavior, preferences, and complaints of online video game users. In part one of the report, which you can view here, they reported on the average age and education level... Continue Reading →

Chinese Online Game User Behavioral Research Report 2012, Pt. 1

A new report on the behavior of online gamers by 17173.com (a popular gaming news website) and Enfodesk Analasys shows that 19 to 25-year-old players accounted for 55% of the online gaming population, whereas players older than 26 make up 35.7%. Predictably, 73% were male compared to 27% female. Last year, males made up 67.8%... Continue Reading →

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