Ban Lifted on Consoles in China– Definitely This Time, For Real

Almost a year after the Chinese government shut down rumors that claimed they were planning on removing the ban on gaming consoles, the Chinese government is removing the ban on gaming consoles. As of January 6th, the ban on purchasing or providing consoles has been temporarily lifted allowing new options for the law-abiding, console-curious Chinese... Continue Reading →

Olympic Champion Chen Yibing will attend the July 23rd Star Charity Gaming Challenge

Though the United States only recently officially recognized League of Legends Championship Series as a sport, the Chinese State General Administration of Sports has recognized LoL as a sport for some time, going as far as to form an e-sports national team to participate in the Asian Indoor Games. Even China's most renowned athletes support... Continue Reading →

Re-Emerging Popularity of Chinese Esports, Experts Advise Reasonable Guidance

Wuhan will be hosting the University Esports League, and has gained the approval of the Hubei Province Department of Sports.  This news has Zhao Dawei of Harbin excited. Zhao has been involved in organizing gaming competitions for five years, and was previously a very experienced player. In addition to undertaking responsibilities for the games of... Continue Reading →

Chinese Political Cartoon Shows an Impotent Kim Jung-Un

A political cartoon by artist Johnny Won, posted to his Sina Weibo page, shows Kim Jung-Un having intercourse with a woman and saying, "I fired! I don't know why there was no ejection." His partner responds, "This is a question you should ask doctor Cui Chenghao." Cui Chenghao is the name of a very popular... Continue Reading →

No Plans to Lift Ban on Consoles in China

You may have heard some rumors regarding "a source from the Ministry of Culture, who asked not to be named" that stated Chinese ministries were considering a lift on the ban against consoles, set in place in 2000. China Daily published an article on it, and China Digital Times reported on it as well. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Gaming During the 18th Party Congress

You might have heard about the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the big “election with Chinese characteristics” that took place November 8-15th and sealed Xi Jinping’s fate as the leader of China. For weeks before the Congress, the Chinese government cracked down on potentially dangerous items like kitchen knives, remote control helicopters, and ping... Continue Reading →

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