April’s Three Extremes

Three… Extremes is a horror film collaboration that puts together three segments by three directors from three countries: China, South Korea, and Japan. The following three extremes, however, are all Chinese/Taiwanese, all related to video game dedication, and no less horrific.

Man Slams Baby to the Ground because His Wife Won’t Let Him Use the Internet

On April 6thin Xi’an, 20-year-old Ming (names changed for privacy) was on a walk with his wife, 19-year-old Li, and wanted to stop at an Internet café. Li wouldn’t allow him and the two began to argue on the street. Li angrily turned to leave while Ming shouted, “If you dare leave, I’ll throw the baby.” Li walked forward a few meters, then stopped and turned around to see Ming viciously throwing their 1 year 9 month old baby to the ground. Li rushed to the baby, who was unconscious and whose ears were bleeding. Passers-by helped her call the police and took the baby to Xi’an Central Hospital.

Li and Ming had been married over two years, and Li says this is the first time he has ever hit her or their child. At the end of last year they had a few problems and Li wanted to separate, but Ming said he would try to make things better. Realizing that nothing was changing, they had been arguing more and more recently, but Li alleges that Ming loved their son, and could not understand his actions. The baby spent 4 hours in surgery but is still in a coma, and the surgery’s risk period has not passed. (From QQ.)

Teenager Turns to “Part-time” Drug Dealing in Order to Buy Better In-game Equipment

On April 2nd, 19-year-old Wang Mou was sent to a detention center for selling drugs at an Internet café. A high school drop-out, Wang chose the “dream career” of playing video games all day and all night in an Internet café. At the end of last year, Wang began to play a certain large online video game and after months of “hard work” had managed to defeat nearly all of the common players in competitive play. Unfortunately, some players with better equipment could still easily defeat him, which Wang Mou found difficult to deal with. Frustrated, the destitute man decided he needed to buy himself better equipment.

In February this year, a regular at the Internet café told Wang Mou that he could make a lot of money selling drugs to the users that hung out in the café. By selling one gram of meth, Wang Mou could make 150 RMB (about $24 USD) per sale. Wang Mou began his new job as meth dealer the very next day, and managed to make 450 RMB (about $73 USD).

In April, the local border police station began an investigation of a drug abuse case, and was told about Wang Mou by some drug addicts. They found him in the Internet café with seven grams of meth hidden inside a Doublemint chewing gum tin. (From QQ)

Taiwanese Gamers Witness Murder in Internet Cafe, Keep Playing in Bloodstained Clothes

On April 3rd in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan a 17-year-old boy walked into an Internet café and a stabbed a 22-year-old man to death with a watermelon knife. Nearby, 5 or 6 people continued to play on their computers, while those closest to the murder only stood confused, without attempting to help the man on the ground or stop the murderer. One girl was close enough to have blood splashed onto her, yet she continued to play online unfazed.

CCTV footage from the Internet café shows the murder, with a witness describing what happened. The players on the opposite side of the murder continue to play without even stopping to see what’s happened. Jump ahead to 00:25 in the video below for the murder (it’s blurred out), and 00:55 for our fearless gamers.


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