2017 China Games Billboard People’s Vote Closes

Voting has closed for the 2017 China Games Billboard awards, presented by QQ Games. Popular vote was available for the gaming section of the awards, although final winners will be determined by judges on January 18th. Regardless, check out the top three winners of each category according to the vote. The esports section did not have a popular vote, but each category’s nominees are listed below. Other categories included:

Best Gaming Coach

  • RNG Firefox (League of Legends)

Best Esports Event

  • League of Legends World Championship in Beijing

Most Popular Commentator

  • Milei (League of Legends)
  • Zeyuan (League of Legends)
  • Li Jiu (Kings of Glory)

Most Popular Anchor

  • Xiao Zhi (League of Legends)
  • Wei Shen (PUBG)
  • Saonan (League of Legends)

Cutting-Edge Anchor

  • Hanpaopao
  • Cuojie
  • Xia Yi Ke

Most Popular Streaming Platform

  • Douyu
  • Penguin Gaming
  • Huya
  • Panda.tv
  • Quanmin

Best Gaming Peripheral

  • Somic G618 Pro headset

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