Former RNG Coach Joins LMS’ JTeam

Back in October 2017, LPL RNG’s coach Huang “FireFox” Ting-Hsiang, announced that he would be resigning following the 2017 League of Legends World Championship after two and a half years as the team’s head coach.

Some time ago, there was a popular rumor that he had joined the LMS team AHQ as coach. However, during his livestream, FireFox rejected the rumor, saying that he’d only start coaching again if the following three criteria were met: first was only if he was poor and didn’t have a choice, second was he needed to be given plenty of time to rest, and third was his illness needed to be cured.

Under FireFox’s three harsh conditions, netizens put to rest their hopes that FireFox would ever coach again; they could only hope that Firefox would get better from his illness. However, on August 4th, LMS’ JTeam suddenly announced major news: FireFox would become JTeam’s team leader and head coach.

Netizens were shocked by this sudden news. Popular comments on JTeam’s Weibo suggested that FireFox had picked up the job because he’d run out of money, saying, “FireFox went bankrupt at lightspeed.”

FireFox’s coaching career in the LPL was exceptionally bright. He won Coach of the Year in 2017, led RNG to the World’s semi-finals, and his proficiency at Ban-Pick is still being talked about with delight by people. In the Season Seven World Championship, although RNG forced Faker’s Galio into a loss, FireFox still announced he was stepping down as coach after the game. Currently, RNG has achieved good results under the leadership of their new coach, Heart, but RNG fans are still very grateful to FireFox for his guidance.


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